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  • What sinks will work with your new quartz or granite worktops

    So your in the process of buying granite worktops or quartz worktops for your new or existing kitchen, but what happens regarding the sink, is it possible to get a new one and to have the granite cut round it or are there restrictions on the types of sinks in which a granite worktop fabricator can work around? All those questions and many we will hopefully try to answer below!... More>>

  • The Granite Worktop Fitting Guide

    Fitting granite worktops is a rather precise process as just a couple of millimeters out and thereís a disaster potentially on the cards. The attention to detail that any granite installer must have is paramount to the finish and overall look of the job. But what exactly is the process of having your granite worktop or quartz worktop installed and what should you look for in a worktop fabricator. ... More>>

  • The Best Ways to Add Value to Your House With Granite Worktops

    Have you ever wanted to move house so bad, then taken a look at what you have now and realize a few changes and you could recapture the appeal you once had for a property? Whether youíre thinking of adding some value for sale or just want to improve what you've got, we have some helpful tips on how to do so. ... More>>

  • How to maintain granite worktop's

    So you have bought and had installed your brand new kitchen and granite worktops but now what do you do? How do you protect your stunning granite worktops to avoid marks, scratches and splodges? Does this mean banning all children, pets and husbands from the kitchen with some sort of barricade? Well itís an option but possibly not the most practical one. This article offers some practical advice about granite worktops maintenance, care and treatment.... More>>

  • Worktop Trends Autumn 2013

    Picking a granite worktop or quartz worktop can be the hardest part of selecting a kitchen, as itís generally the final step and is installed last but is normally the first thing anyone sees when walking into the room. In the UK we have always been world leaders in design, architecture, innovation and design and thanks to a considerable choice of materials sourced globally combined with the a large middle class population in the UK, the options are immense and are steadily growing. ... More>>

  • Cargo Granite At Grand Designs Live Birmingham

    As a business Cargo Granite are committed to supplying premium quality Granite worktops and Quartz worktops up and down the United Kingdom. If you live in the West Midlands and are looking for worktops but donít fancy travelling to Bedford or Islington to see our exciting range of Granite or Quartz then we have the perfect solution to you.

    ... More>>

  • That New Granite Worktop

    So you have you have made the decision to upgrade to a granite worktop, possibly replacing an existing worktop as part of a new kitchen installation, but with so many different options and choices available, just where do you start? You may have seen or herd various stories of things going terribly wrong, so what are the best steps and precautions to take when buying granite worktops to avoid it turning into a complete nightmare. You may be confused why you have received quotes that are completely different in price or have questions about where the granite is sourced, are there places to avoid granite coming from such as China? So hopefully ... More>>

  • Chiltern Marble & Cargo Granite Supply Worktops to The Restaurant and Bar Awards

    Currently the only dedicated hospitality award ceremony in the world; the London based event is a pioneering function in the industry acknowledging design excellence globally. Cargo Granite are proud to be part of the Chiltern Marble Group who were selected by Quartzforms to engineer and manufacture the quartz worktops for the bars around the prestigious event. More than just a UK granite worktop supplier; the quartz bar tops were cut with procession for the scrutiny of a diverse multicultural international audience including some of the worlds leading designers.

    ... More>>

  • October Sink and Tap Promotion

    Take advantage of our exciting offer available with all granite worktops and quartz worktops ordered in October. After the success of our summer promotion we have decided to bring this offer back for all customers ordering Granite worktops or Quartz worktops throughout October. ... More>>

  • We Are a National Granite Worktop Supplier

    Thanks to some recent expansions we are now supplying to more parts of the UK than ever before with high quality quartz worktops and granite worktops. We have experienced fitting teams locally around Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford and Hertfordshire with expert knowledge of our products and services back up with many years experience. ... More>>

  • Marble, Quartz & Granite Worktop Review

    Granite is incredibly tough and durable, resilient to the little spills and knocks of day to day life, making granite worktops more popular than both Marble and Quartz worktops overall. When buying granite worktops, be sure to check that the stone is treated before installation; otherwise you could be left with some nasty splodges if you have any little accidents in the kitchen. Most well respected granite worktop companies will treat the granite worktops before installation, be selective on who you are handing your hard earned cash over too as there are fabricators that use chea... More>>

  • Kashmir White Supply Issues and Alternative Granite Worktop Options

    In 2012 Kashmir White was the most popular white granite worktop option available. Approximately one in five granite worktops sold would be in the ever so popular Kashmir White granite. Samples of this particular granite worktop option were found in many kitchen showrooms up and down the UK, thanks to itís a availability and affordability and the overall value of this particular granite. It took prime space in all worktop fabricator showrooms as it was a winner with customers that were seeking affordable, light and high quality More>>

  • The Brand New Water Fall Edge

    When working with granite the possibilities are pretty endless. Sounds a little clichť but this igneous rock; formed in the earthís crust millions of years ago, has the potential to be crafted modern work of art. Thereís a wide selection of granite edges to choose from which push the boundaries of design skill and technology. Although the most popular edges tend to be the pencil round edge or the bevel edge, there are a complete range of different edges that should be considered before making that final decision. ... More>>

  • Cargo Granite feature on Channel 4s hit TV show The Restoration Man

    Cargo Granite has recently supplied the marble on the popular television show, The Restoration Man. The show which is broadcast on Channel 4 featured stunning Calcutta Marble that was selected, cut and carefully installed by the Cargo Granite team. The installation took place among the cameras, lights and microphones and the final finish was revealed on the program to the nation. ... More>>

  • Stalson Stainless

    We are proud to now be the UK distributor of Stalson 100% Stainless Steel Taps. Designed in the UK, Stalson are renowned for pushing the limits of design and technology whist boasting exceptional durability and quality. With a full range of unique contemporary designs for both Kitchens and Bathrooms this varied collection contains a range of styles suitable all types of designs. ... More>>

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